Family looking for answers after mysterious condition leaves baby turning blue

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WCMH) — A family in Wisconsin is asking for help from anyone who might be able to explain why 7-month old Lynk continues to turn blue and stop breathing.

“It’s just hard I guess not knowing what the problem really is. You don’t know if it’s something serious, or if it’s minor and maybe it’s not a problem; we have no idea,” Chris Kimmel, Lynk’s father, tells WBAY.

The hospital has been Lynk’s second home ever since he was born due to his unknown illness that stops his breathing and leaves him blue.

Numerous tests on the child still haven’t provided an answer, and it’s starting to wear on the family financially as well as emotionally.

“Four or five hospitals sending us bills, and we’re behind,” Lynk’s mom Brittany Kimmel tells WBAY.

Doctors continue to search for answers, but believe Lynk’s main problems are with his kidneys and heart.

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