Manchester, England’s The 1975 plays in Glens Falls Sunday night

(Photo Credit: Lauren Linder, NEWS10)

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People came together tonight for a band from Manchester, England.

A band called “The 1975” hails from the city and played at the Glens Falls Civic Center Sunday night.

Sunday’s show is part of the band’s North America tour. After tonight the band will continue its tour in Niagara Falls and then head to Madison Square Garden.

Hundreds came out for the show going on after a bombing in their hometown last week.

The events of last Monday are still on the minds of their fans, after 22 were people killed and several others injured in a bombing at an Arianna Grande concert.

Brittany Keller, a fan of “The 1975” joined scores of the band’s supporters this evening. Knowing the band has roots in Manchester, yet still touring miles away, hits home with concert goers as well.

“It just, it’s heartbreaking,” Keller said. “It hit them very hard so I appreciate them being here and performing for us.”

The night of the bombing, “The 1975” was playing in Detroit. Its front man (Matt Healy) told the crowd he’s frustrated with what’s happening in the world.

“We can’t carry on in the way that we’re carrying on,” Healy said.

Hearing this meant a lot to Keller, who considers “The 1975” her favorite band.

“It reminds me that this band is human, that they’re not a bunch of robots on stage just playing music. It hurts them just as much as it hurts us,” Keller said.

But, the band is playing through the pain and the same goes for fans like Lisa Wilson.

“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. My daughter wanted to come and in spite of everything that went on it wouldn’t have stopped us from being here today,” Wilson said.

She believes that everyone coming out is a sign of solidarity.

“Showing people that we’re not afraid to be out here,” Wilson said.

After all, that’s what music is all about.

“You can’t let a thing like this set us back you know. Music is supposed to bring people together so I hope that’s what tonight will do,” Keller said.

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