Freestyle Fitness pays tribute to fallen soldiers

(Photo Credit: Andrew Banas, NEWS10)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In honor of Memorial Day weekend one local fitness center works up a unique way to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers.

Right now there is an intense class going on but it’s all for a great cause, Remembering those who died in the line of duty.”

Shawn Huber and his wife opened Freestyle Fitness nearly three years ago.

Part of the goal Huber says, was to create a one-of-a-kind place for working out.

No two classes are ever quite the same, but Sunday’s truly stands out.

On the mirror 33 pictures have been hung up, each of a different soldier who passed away last year. Sunday’s workout is dedicated to them.

“We’re going to do five exercises, 33 reps of each exercise,” Huber told the participants

But that’s not all; as they do each set the class yells out one of the soldiers’ names.

“It’s special to all of us here. I’m sure all of us have someone we know who has done this for us,” said Bree Glaski, a trainer at Freestyle Fitness.

“We love everything they have done for us and our country and this is just our way to thank them, honor them, and just tribute them,” Glaski said.

Jeff Cohn is a frequent participant at Freestyle Fitness.

“Do you come to this class often? Everyone they have,” Cohn said.

He has three kids who have served, or still are serving in the military.

“Appreciate everything they do,” Cohn said.

That’s exactly the message Huber hopes this class will spread this Memorial Day weekend.

“People celebrate it and they have picnics. They might have a couple of drinks. We have some fun, but we kind of forget that we’re actually trying to honor those who have fought for us and died for us,” Huber said.

“Hopefully everyone in here feels the energy and just thank you very much for what you do,” Huber said.

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