House fire displaces Glenville family

(Photo Credit: Courtney Banks, NEWS10)

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A fire leaves a family without a home this Memorial Day weekend.

The flames broke out just a few hours ago at 1019 Cherokee Road in Glenville.

Fire crews were on scene for hours, doing all they could for the family of three that lived there.

We’re told the homeowner’s teenage son was home at the time but got out safely and called 911.

Firefighters say when they got there the back of the house was engulfed in flames.

A neighbor, Mike Collins, was spending his Saturday mowing the lawn. After going inside, he heard the commotion in what he said is normally a peaceful neighborhood.

“There was black smoke and pretty good flames shooting up the back. I knew it was quite serious,” Collins said.

Having spent 27 years as a volunteer firefighter, Collins stepped right in to help.

“I see a fire truck roll up and there’s maybe a driver and then an officer and they’ve got their hands full,” Collins said. “More of the assets rolled up and I just kind of faded away.”

They were finally able to get the fire under control after about an hour and a half. Thomas Corners Fire Chief, Garth Riccio said the home is a total loss.

Riccio said the fire was hidden in several spaces they didn’t have access to and had to pull the home apart to knock it down. What remained of the home was significantly damaged by smoke and water.

“The house has a lot of stuff in it. So, that is what we are doing now we are doing overhaul. And if you got around to the back of the house you would see the amount of stuff we are pulling apart to break down. To try and knock everything down and right now we are just doing the hot spots and try to do the investigation to find out what happened,” Riccio said.

Collins’ small contribution of making a difference, for him was just instinct.

“We ought to be thankful for that because it could have turned out the other way,” Collins said. “If I can do something that helps the operation but does not put me in jeopardy, I’d be willing to try that.”

No word yet on what sparked the flames.

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