Anyone accused of circumventing interlock devices will no longer be able to plea it down in Albany Co.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Albany County District Attorney’s Office announced a change to the DWI policy in the county.

According to DA David Soares, it will not longer allow plea reductions for anyone accused of circumventing an ignition interlock device.

Anyone convicted, could face a year in prison.

Interlock devices are installed on the ignition of a vehicle in order to prevent the operator from starting or operating a vehicle if they have been drinking.

In 2016, the District Attorney’s Office says judges in the county ordered 659 mandatory installations of interlock ignition devices.

“Be aware – local law enforcement has received training on how to identify violations of this law, and will be cracking down on the roadways this summer. In addition, these criminal offenses will no longer be pleaded down in Albany County courts handled by my office,” DA Soares said. “We can simply no longer allow repeat offenders to share our roadways without sanctions.”

According to the state Department of Motor Vehicles statistics, there has been an increase statewide in the number of violations of this charge. Arrests more than quadrupled from 2011 to 2016: There were 817 charges in 2011, as compared with 3,726 in 2016 across New York State.

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