Students seek to make positive impact to help animals after mice trampled during prank

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – More than 12 students came together at Queensbury High School on Thursday to try and turn a disturbing prank into something positive.

Earlier in the week, a student released mice into the hallways. Some of the mice were trampled in the chaos. Brendan Thompson is a senior at the school.

“It was very crowded just like the hallways normally are,” he said. “It was between classes.”

Thompson said he was upset when he learned some of the mice had been trampled and died.

“Very disturbed and disappointed in what happened,” he said.

Now, he and more than a dozen other students are trying to figure out how to move forward.

“What kind of positive impact can we have on the school and the community rather than one person pulling a dumb prank like this,” he said.

Thompson said he thinks the student who released the mice should start with something simple.

“It would be nice to get an apology just for disrupting classes, and obviously, for what happened to the mice,” he said.

Thompson and other students had a meeting Thursday afternoon with school administrators and Warren County Animal Cruelty Officer Jim Fitzgerald.

“Students really are starting to understand the impact of what happened here,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said he was impressed at the initiative the students are taking to move forward.

“They came up with these amazing ideas of wanting to take care of animals to wanting to walk dogs to help with abandoned horses in Warren County,” he said.

But Thompson said they’re hoping to take it even further by starting with the Seniors Give Back Day on Friday where members of the graduating class will volunteer across the community.

“That’s how we want to be remembered: as a class who cares and helps,” he said.

The school said it is taking the proper disciplinary actions toward the student who released the mice. The student was suspended.

No criminal action is being taken since it is not believed the student intended for the mice to be hurt.

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