End of the NY legislative session quickly approaching

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – There are just 11 scheduled session days remaining for lawmakers in Albany over a three week period.

As time continues to tick toward the end of the 2017 scheduled session year, it appears lawmakers may have already passed the finish line.

“The only thing I know of and that’s personal is a statewide recycling program, we’ve been trying to pass that for the last three years,” Assemblyman Al Stirpe (D) said.

There are certainly issues of importance for both respective parties.

“I’d like to see us focus on regulatory reform. We are among the most regulated in the country, that creates impediments for business,” Senator Patrick Gallivan (R) said.

“If the private sector is not healthy there is no money for education,” Assemblyman Peter Lopez (R) said.

There does not seem to be one issue up for debate, upstate.

In, 2015 it was whether or not to allow professional mixed martial arts in New York. Last year it was a push to expand ride-sharing.

Some argue that’s because of their first three months of work passing the budget.

“We did a lot more as part of the budget than we normally do, so there don’t seem to be major issues,” Stec said.

Controversial issues do remain such as allowing someone who is terminally ill to request medication to end their life.

Changes to who oversees state contracts or creating a new healthcare system for New Yorkers that would not be affected by changes in Washington.

“I don’t think they’ll bring it up at all in the Senate,” Stirpe said.

Most outstanding issues such as aid in dying are either stuck in committee and have yet to reach the floor for a possible vote a new healthcare system, seem to have little chance of seeing action from the other house.

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