Schenectady restaurant back open after being seized for owing over $17K in back taxes

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A popular restaurant on one of Schenectady’s main streets is back open after being seized by the state for owning thousands in back taxes.

According to a press release, the restaurant’s corporate office helped facilitate an agreement for the situtation through mediation between the New York State Tax Department and the local Hot Harry’s franchise.

Hot Harry’s issued this statement:

“We are grateful to our loyal customers for their kind and supportive comments on social media and, of course, to the agents of the tax department with whom we were able to arrive at a mutually beneficial arrangement for our Schenectady franchise. Hot Harry’s has a happy ending.”

The state IRS said in similar situations, the business knows they owe money before a seizure happens. The Union Street location of Hot Harry’s owes $17,329.10 in back sales tax.

“I’m surprised that they would owe that much and still be operating.”

The state IRS said the liability period for the unpaid taxes happened in October 2015 and then again in November and December 2016.

Dwayne Olds, who works for the building owner, said he was surprised because there were never any issues with unpaid rent.

“No issues; they were always a good tenant, always catering to the public,” he said. “Really good.”

There’s another location in East Greenbush.

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