Police: Rotterdam store clerk, wife chase robbers out of store with baseball bats

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It was all caught on camera, a Rotterdam store clerk fought off two robbers who tried to steal from him.

It’s clear that shop owner wasn’t at all intimidated by the fact that these robbers had weapons. His bravery all caught on surveillance video.

“No mess with Singh you know?!”

No kidding! When two masked men came into Markanda Convenience Store demanding cash and cigarettes, they probably weren’t prepared for this.

Store owner Gurchran Singh says he always keeps a baseball bat behind his register just in case something like this ever happens but he never anticipated having to use it.

“You have to protect your family and yourself you know?”

When they threatened him and his wife last night, Singh says he didn’t think twice.

“They say give me the money give me the money I have a gun but they didn’t show a gun they showed a knife.”

Singh grabs a bat and chases the two masked men from behind the counter all the way out of his store. His wife following behind him with another bat.

“I’m not scared that someone’s threatening me I’m not scared for that. I’m fighting until I’m dead.”

So where do Singh and his wife get all this bravery? He gives a lot of credit to his Sikh faith.

“We are Sikh people, we are fighting for the last drop.”

Police in Rotterdam arrested Ryan Kelly and Brandon Ehlers. Now that they’re behind bars, Singh has a special message for both of them.

“They should find a job. Go to work. They can understand how you work hard.”

Singh says he’s owned his convenience shop for 15 years. He said he’s never been in a similar situation and he hopes he never will be again.

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