Mixed reaction after Guilderland dress shop faces complaints

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Our story about a Guilderland dress shop has people firing off on the NEWS10 ABC Facebook page.

Almost as soon as the story aired Monday night, the NEWS10 Facebook page was flooded with comments. Some of the comments were positive, but many more were the stuff of wedding and prom nightmares.

Amid the racks of sequined gowns, Apropos owner Sindi Saita denied any claims of bad business going on at her Guilderland dress shop.

“I’m not going to let these people bother me.”

After the story aired, the NEWS10 Facebook page received hundreds of comments.

One read, “this place ruined my prom.” Another described an alteration on a dress, “like they cut it with a hacksaw!”

A number of customers did have positive reviews but many did not.

Accusations of sample dresses being sold as new and at full price.

Some disgruntled customers claimed wedding dresses and gowns were ordered in the wrong size and color. Promises of alterations that didn’t materialize until days before a big event.

Dawn Baumann told NEWS10 of her experience when she and her daughter went to pick up the prom dress they ordered from Apropos.

“She looked at the inside of the dress. The whole inside of the dress was tattered it had pilling on the inside and there was a rip in the dress.”

Baumann claimed she confronted Saita.

“She denied everything. You’re kind of stuck at that point. It’s a week before prom. You’re not going to get a new dress.”

Baumann said she lost the argument and paid full price; however, she did win in small claims court when a judge awarded her $302 she claims she never received from Apropos.

“To me I feel she takes away the whole pleasure of the experience of buying dresses,” Stephanie Dean said.

Dean says she also took Saita to court after she says Saita refused to refund a $300 dollar deposit on a $600 dress order that she cancelled the very next day.

“I actually had to pay another four ‘something’ for another dress at another store while she held on to $300 of my money. I got $250 of the $300 back. ”

Dean was one of those who posted on the NEWS10 Facebook page saying buyer beware.

Saita has been in the dress business for nearly 30 years and sits on the Guilderland Zoning Board of Appeals.

After complaints, the Better Business Bureau says she’s earned an F rating with their organization.

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