Video of girl struggling to stand up, walk after getting a tick goes viral

LA GRANDE, Ore. (ABC NEWS) – A family in Oregon didn’t know what to think when their little girl suddenly became paralyzed.

They visited the doctor, which eventually unraveled this medical mystery.

This story has information all parents need to hear as our kids are now playing outside in the warm weather.

A viral Facebook video captured the unsettling moments as Evelyn Lewis struggled to stand.

“We really started to panic when we were rushing her to the hospital,” Amanda Lewis, Evelyn’s mother, said.

Fear set in as Evelyn’s parents watched their daughters go limp.

“Baby stand up, try real hard.”

The next morning, Evelyn couldn’t use her legs and could barely move her arms – her parents rushing her to the emergency room.

Doctors immediately had an idea of what was wrong.

“He went straight into grooming her hair and found it,” Lewis said.

A tiny American Dog Tick was found in Evelyn’s hair. Once doctors removed the insect, the little girl’s condition started to improve.

“It took her until pretty much the next morning before she could walk again,” Lewis said.

As the weather gets warmer, the outdoors are teaming with these ticks, making them more likely to come in contact with kids.

Bites covered this little girl after just 30 minutes of playing outside.

These Bugs bring big problems like Lyme disease, Colorado Tick Fever and more than a dozen other illnesses.

“The best way to remove a tick if you find one attached is to use a pointy tweezer and pull it straight off,” Thomas Mather, of the University of Rhode Island, said. “By using a tweezer you have the tick. Tick a picture of it, save it, identify it, then you’ll know better what risks you’re at.

For Evelyn’s family is relieved they avoided a “ticking” time-bomb.

“We’re just glad that she’s fine and other people can use it as a tool.”

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