Some runners struck by heat exhaustion at CDPHP Workforce Challenge

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It was the hottest day of the year so far, and it didn’t cool down for the CDPHP Workforce Challenge.

“I knew it was gonna be a hot day,” Cassondra Bruce, of Guilderland, said.

Ten thousand runners stood next to the New York State Museum. It was 94 degrees, and the sun was beating down. Bruce was one person in the crowd getting ready to run the challenge.

“Could tell it was gonna be a hot and sweaty mess just standing there,” she said.

But runners like Gwen Gatewood made sure to prepare.

“I’m just really hot, just really hot, so I’ve been drinking water all day,” she said.

Despite the heat, the race went off without a hitch. But Gatewood knew some could suffer.

“With a big group of people like this, I think it could be a little, little dangerous if you’re not hydrated,” she said.

The heat did impact the race.

“It’s a fun race,” Workforce Challenge Medical Director Tracy Callaghan said. “It’s a fun event, but the heat really changed it this year.”

Callaghan said they responded to dozens of racers for heat exhaustion. At least one went to the hospital. She said they normally only treat three to four people.

“I think it’s people that weren’t expecting it, you know, because it is so hot, and even it’s people that did drink all day and did eat and prepared appropriately,” she said.

They made sure to set up extra water stations throughout the route, but Bruce said the race was still pretty brutal.

“The heat was more intense than I had expected,” she said.

What got her to the finish line?

“I’d just say faith,” she said. “Didn’t have my music; didn’t have my water; just pure faith.”

The temperature on Thursday tied with the record high for May 18.








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