Driving You Crazy: Honk Happy

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – You’re sitting in traffic when the musical chorus begins – irritating car horns.

The sound certainly gets your attention, but is it always warranted?

There are dos and don’ts of honking. For starters, when someone is crossing into your lane, then do. But when the car in front of you doesn’t accelerate as soon as the light turns green, don’t.

Many Capital Region drivers admit, they turn honk happy when they get impatient.

“I have to go into the plaza a lot, so underneath the bridge, a lot of people take forever, and that is really bothersome, so then I’ll get horn happy,” Theresa Stanley, of Colonie, said.

On Henry Johnson Boulevard in Albany, NEWS10 ABC cameras caught an impatient driver honking and yelling at another car as it tried to make a lefthand turn.

But the oncoming traffic just won’t quit.

“If they honk, I’ll honk back at ‘em,” Tracy Katsoudas, of Albany, said with a laugh.

There are times when beeping is necessary, including to wake a driver sitting at a green light. But it’s when the honk immediately follows a light change that drives people a little crazy.

“I took my foot off the brake to put my foot on the gas, and the woman behind me honked her horn!” Noelle Liuzzi, of Albany, said. “I’m like, this is not even three seconds. It just drove me crazy, and I said to my friend, ‘I just came from a yoga class, so I didn’t let it bother me,’ but initially it did. I said, nope, nope, do your breathing!”

There are some cities where persistent honking is illegal.

In New York City, it’s a $350 fine, but enforcing it is pretty much a lost cause.

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