Meeting being held to discuss future of sheriff’s patrol in Corinth

CORINTH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A village board meeting in Corinth is being held Wednesday to discuss the ending of the sheriff’s contract.

Sheriff’s vehicles parked on the streets of Corinth and it’s a sight many in the village say makes them feel safe.

“It just gives people a sense of security,” Nick, of Corinth, said.

On May 31, people in the area are concerned they won’t see as many sheriff’s cruisers thanks to a vote to drop the village’s $350,000 a year contract with the Saratoga County Sheriff.

“We need a police presence just to thwart any activity.”

Mayor Dennis Morreale says the move is to save the village of Corinth money, as water and sewer taxes continue to rise.

“We had to look at the fact that our water and sewer rates are going to go up so much that it’s going to put even more of our citizens at the point where they’re going to lose their homes, they couldn’t afford to continue to pay their taxes, their water their sewer,” Mayor Morreale said.

The mayor says a state-mandated $2.3 million water filtration system recently installed to protect local wells is the cause of rising rates. Since 2015, water and sewer bills have gone up $139 per unit. Those who oppose eliminating the sheriff’s contract say the village should find other ways to save. They’re worried emergency response times will be impacted.

“I’m not sure we should be saving money at the expense of safety and security,” Nick said.

Mayor Morreale insists sheriff’s deputies will still patrol the area there just won’t be a unit dedicated solely to Corinth. He also says state police will also now patrol the area.

The Village of Corinth began its contract with the Saratoga County Sheriff back in 2007, when they dissolved its own police force.

The mayor also wanted to point out that surrounding villages and towns like Wilton and Greenfield also don’t have dedicated patrol contracts.

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