Push to protect K-9 officers in New York

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Swift action by a Jamestown K-9 last November led to the arrest of a suspected murderer.

Lawmakers in both houses look to pass legislation in his honor on Monday.

Mitchell is having his way with his toy like any other dog.

“He’s certified in Marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin.”

Most days though he’s Officer Mitchell alongside Officer Erik Kraft with Jamestown Police.

“That night there was just something inside me that wasn’t, that didn’t feel right, but he did his job,” Kraft said.

Looking at the 7-year-old shepherd it’s hard to believe a year ago he took a knife through the throat, hitting his tongue on the job. Emergency surgery allows him to be here today.

“It will strengthen penalties for those who injure or kill a dedicated K-9 officer or police work horse,” Senator Cathy Young said.

Sponsors in both houses want to make it a felony instead of the current misdemeanor to injury police dogs like Mitchell or horses on duty.

Eight other states have already stepped up the penalties for injuring a police k-9 or horse, the Senate expects to pass this bill Tuesday.

Mitchell seems pleased to hear the increased penalties and is enjoying all the belly rubs he can get in before it’s back to work.

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