Rain cannot dampen the fun at the 2017 Tulip Festival

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS 10) – The annual Tulip Festival kicked off Saturday at Washington Park.

But, did the weather dampen the mood?

With opening day nearly completed, in spite of some rain, people still came out to see an array of beautiful tulips.

It was not as packed as usual, but it wasn’t a washout either.

This year marks the 69th edition of the Tulip Festival.

More than 100,000 flowers here in Washington Park, all planted just for this event.

Through the rain, a rainbow of tulips was visible featuring more than 150 variations, some not seen before my many visitors.

Beyond the tulips, there’s more at the event such as live music, lots of food, including a variety of vendors and the opportunity to learn about Albany’s Dutch history.

Several activities for the kids are also available.

All related events will continue tomorrow on Mother’s Day, as the 19th annual Mother of the Year award will also be presented at noon.

If you do plan to come out tomorrow, be prepared for traffic.

There are several parking restrictions and road closures in the area. CDTA recommends people take public transportation.

For full parking and shuttle information contact the Albany Police Department or visit the CDTA’s website: https://cdta.org/news/tulip-festival-shuttle-service

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