NY couple loses nearly 600lbs ahead of their wedding

NEW YORK (ABC NEWS) – Ask these two the secret to love and they’ll tell you — a couple that trains together, stays together.

“I often thought before I met Ronnie like what am I gonna do? I hope I meet someone that lives healthy too because I don’t know if I could just go backward,” Andrea Masella said

Ronnie Brower and Masella are getting married on Saturday but they weren’t always a vision of happiness. Four years ago, Ronnie was single and weighing in at over 675 pounds.

“My doctor basically told me, Ronnie, if you don’t do something you are going to die before you are 30,” Brower said.

Taking charge of his health, he started working out at his local gym, where he met Masella. She was trying to trim down from 250 lbs.

“Her working out and living the same lifestyle as me definitely attracted me to her.”

“I just loved that Ronnie took care of himself. He just got healthy and shed all of this weight.”

Experts say that finding a buddy who wants to lose weight can keep you on track. Together, Ronnie and Andrea lost nearly 600 pounds!

“When she came along it was like ok definitely I can lose the rest of this weight easily.”

“Because I was the prize at the ends.”

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