5/12 Pet Connection: Angel

Angel, 25 pound, ~4 year old spayed female tri-color Beagle. Angel was found running on a four-lane highway a few nights before Christmas.

She was limping severely-her paw pads were ice burned and it took a while for them to heal. (Limping down a four lane highway at night. One of our volunteers saw her, pulled over, opened the car door and angel scrambled in. She was immediately taken to the vet where she was put on antibiotics and pain meds. Originally the vet thought she had serious eye issues, but it was evidently just her body’s reaction to the cold.)

She is a very sweet girl, great with other dogs, may be too playful for most cats. She loves people! Angel was heartworm positive when rescued and just completed her heartworm treatments with a negative test!

Angel is relatively quiet but probably isn’t a dog for an apartment setting. An active home or one with a fenced yard and another dog to play with would be ideal for her.

Companion Animal Placement Program 518-376-1043

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