Beware of dog poop in Washington Park

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you’re walking your dog in Washington Park, you may want to watch your step.

We’ve all been there before, you’re in the park walking your dogs and you almost step in something you know shouldn’t be there. The question is whether enough is being done to make sure it’s being cleaned up.

“We’re out in Washington Park three times a day at least,” Christina Cucinotta said.

Cucinotta loves taking her pup there because she says she loves the big open space and has beautiful scenery.

What she can’t stand are people who don’t get rid of the mess their pets might leave behind.

“When people don’t clean up after their dogs, it makes them less welcoming to those of us who do our part.”

The fine for not cleaning it up is no joke. You could be out $250.

“When I see it on the ground, it’s a big turnoff,” Dee Cucinotta, Christina’s mom, said.

Dee says your pets business, has no business being left on the ground.

“You wouldn’t leave your child’s diaper on the ground, so you shouldn’t leave this on the ground. You pick it up.”

In fact, most people seem to agree.

“I see it on the ground sometimes, all around the park really,” John Menzi said.

Menzi lives right across the street and says you gotta watch your step out here.

“It’s not fun tracking it back in the house. It happens from time to time.”

So what can be done to stop it? Well, there are bags throughout the park.

“People are more inclined to pick up if they have a bag,” Lauren Bradley said.

Bradley is visiting Albany from northern New Hampshire and she says, as bad as people may think it is, without these bags, you know what would really hit the fan.

“I believe that having bags available for people helps a lot. So having mutt stations helps.”

So how is this season going compared to other seasons as far as people cleaning up after their dogs? One worker says it’s the worst start to any summer season he’s ever seen. He’s hoping that trend does not continue.

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