Super Mom Monday: Excellent breakfast ideas for mom on Mother’s Day

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Here are some recipes to make a killer breakfast in bed menu for mom on Mother’s day.

So listen up dads, we’ve got you covered! These dishes are family friendly enough to get the kids involved as well.

Here’s chef Braden from salt and char in Saratoga Springs with the ultimate French toast.

We’re going to start off with brioche, nice thick slices.

To make a royal, which is batter to soak them in, we’re going to sear it, top off with strawberry rhubarb compote and whipped mascarpone.

For our royal, we’re going to add eggs, heavy cream, orange zest, cinnamon, fresh squeezed orange juice, and Grand Marnier for mom.

Soak it and you’ll see it start to sizzle, that’s the temp and you can use a tester piece.

Once you get it in there, turn the pan down and let it brown a little bit. Put it in the oven and we’ll finish it off and flip it in about five minutes.

Whipped mascarpone, it’s like an Italian cream cheese. You can use ricotta, or omit the dairy but adds a little extra richness.

Top it off with a little cinnamon sugar.

For a more healthier side of the menu, Chef Braden shows us how to take some seasonal fruit and a little avocado to balance out the rich French toast.

We can start on our fruit plate, chef Olivia will help us with. We’re going with blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries.

This is ginger syrup, simple Syrup boiled with Diced ginger. Strain the whole thing off and add some spiciness to it.

We’re going to do some avocado toast and multigrain and this is a great way for the kids to chip in. They love to be able to smash things.

When looking for avocados, you want it to be firm with just a little bit of give to it.

Push real hard and push it through the grate. We’re then going to zest the limes and then put the juice into it.

You could use a juice reamer but it’s a lot of fun to just squeeze it.

Take a big dollop and put it like this and we’re going to garnish with radish and sea salt.

That’s it guys we’ve got our avocado toast!

All that’s left to do is put it all on a tray and deliver it with some fresh flowers. Easy, right? And mom will love it!

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