Reaction after Log Bay Day coming to end on Lake George

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The last Monday of every July, Log Bay Day is usually packed with people celebrating the summer. After Alex West’s conviction, patrols say the party is over.

“Log bay day is no longer,” Kate Hogan, the Warren County District Attorney, said.

DA Hogan marked the end of what had become a dangerous tradition on Lake George. She made the announcement, just moments after West was convicted of crashing his boat into another after last summer’s Log Bay Day, killing 8-year-old Charlotte McCue.

“What happened last summer was simply one final straw that’s been building for years,” Dave Wick, Executive Director of the Lake George Park Commission, said.

Wick says what started out as a peaceful gathering about 20 years ago grew out of proportion and out of control.

“What we found is the incidents, accidents and issues like boating while intoxicated just in that one day just about equal the entire rest of the year combined.”

“There is no redeeming social qualities for this party,” Warren County Sheriff Bud York said.

Sheriff York echoed the park commission’s concerns.

“There is garbage all over the floor of the lake bottles, cans, food, they spend days cleaning that up.”

People who live in the area are torn on the matter. Some happy to see the popular party end and others are disappointed.

“It used to be a fun day on the lake with your friends so it’s sad that it’s over but it’s also it shouldn’t be just a day to get out of control either.”

“I think that people find other ways to do the same thing.”

The Park Commission and Sheriff York say they have some ways to try and prevent that from happening.

“We do think we have some very good ways of addressing that issue. We’re not really at liberty to talk about those now,” Wick said.

“There are on any given day seven or eight Lake George Park Commission boats out there,” Sheriff York said. “There’s at least one of my sheriff’s boats out there. We will patrol the whole lake we will strictly enforce the rules.”

The Lake George Park Commission says they’re really going to be ramping up their boater safety this summer, including special courses.

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