Hadley man accused of killing wife with ax pleads not guilty

HADLEY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department is charging a man with second-degree murder in the death of his wife.

According to court documents, police are accusing Michael Norton of killing his wife 52-year-old Sherry Norton on May 3. They say he killed her with an ax.

“The accusation in the accusatory is that he struck her with an ax in the back of the head causing her death,” Karen Heggen, the Saratoga County DA, said.

DA Heggen says that is how Michael Norton allegedly killed his wife Sherry last week at their Hadley home.

Police say a neighbor called 911 on Wednesday for an unknown emergency. When police arrived, they say they found Sherry dead in the living room. Michael was also in the home and was taken to Saratoga Hospital.

Police say he was not hurt during the alleged attack but that he was treated at the hospital for an illness they would not disclose due to HIPPA regulations. Norton was released from the hospital on Tuesday and was arrested.

He pleaded not guilty to murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

While walking into court, Michael to NEWS10 ABC’s Lindsay Nielsen said “I love my wife. I did not mean it.”

He says he didn’t mean to kill his wife, but police say they have a motive as to why he allegedly did it. It’s a motive they say they want a grand jury to hear first and not the media.

Police say Michael was not working at the time and that he is disabled. As far as they know, police say he does not suffer from mental illness.

Last April, Michael was arrested after a gun was discharged at their home. Sherry was also arrested regarding that incident.

He is due back here in court on May 15th for a preliminary hearing. He was sent to jail without bail.

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