5/9 Pet Connection: Kylie

• Rottie mix,
• female,
• 8 years old

Can you say “loving family dog”? Because that is exactly what Kylie is. She loves kids of all ages and adults of all ages too – she’s a real people dog.

Besides people, the thing Kylie loves the most is probably her squeak ball – she will play fetch for hours, although her ultimate joy is following her “kids” around outside with her ball in her mouth – bliss! Kylie would be perfect for a retired family with visiting grandkids, or a family with young kids!

Kylie has excellent obedience and actually achieved her Canine Good Citizen certificate while she was originally with us. She has good house manners, although Kylie will sometimes chew on a stray sock or toy, so her family recommends crating or gating her into a temptation-free zone when you leave her.

Kylie is most comfortable being the queen of her castle. She does need to be an only dog as she can be a bit fearful around other dogs, and even out in public she can get worried when other dogs are around. We are not sure how she does with cats, but a meet and greet with any interested felines is possible.

Kylie returned to us because, while her family adores her and thinks she is the best dog ever, their housing did not allow for Kylie to stay with them, as she is a dominant breed mix. We get to know each dog as an individual and will do our best to describe each of our dogs based on personality, not by breed label.

Peppertree Rescue 518-435-7425

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