Juror speaks out after guilty verdict in Alex West trial

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A juror is speaking out after the guilty verdict in the fatal Lake George boating crash on Monday.

One of the main things he says is that he and the other jury members were dedicated to making sure they spent enough time with all of the evidence to make the right decision.

The juror named Steve DeJesus says they took each of the 12 counts Alex West was charged with one by one and tried to work through them. He said if they hit a point where they were becoming too frustrated with the discussions or couldn’t come to an agreement they would move onto taking about another charge and come back later.

When asked about the note on Friday, DeJesus says it was the criminally negligent homicide charge they couldn’t agree on. He also says it was difficult at times to agree on West’s level of impairment at the time of the accident and being able to attribute that to the drugs and alcohol in question.

Even on Monday morning, DeJesus says the conversation was heated before coming to a verdict.

“No matter what the decision we made, it was going to affect somebody’s life.”

DeJesus also says that when all of the 12 charges were agreed upon, the foreman made sure to go through each of them a final time before delivering the verdict to the court.

DeJesus says they were prepared to stay another week to deliberate and come to an agreement.

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