Fresh cuts at Brick’s Barber Shop

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Whether you’re heading to a business meeting or jumping the broom, a fresh haircut can make a huge difference fora guy.  There are many awesome barbershops in the Capital Region.

“A lot of times we are magicians with people’s hairlines or haircuts,” Thomas said.

Magicians meaning they re-structure edges or fade out light spots, turning what we know of as a haircut into something that almost feels like it’s alive. When a barber is happy with the cut, it rubs off on their customers.

“I’m thinking about keeping him fresh, you know that I mean. Keeping him happy, making sure my client is satisfied with his cut and help him get his day started right,” Steven Garcia said.

There are 10 professional barbers at Brick’s. Barbers everywhere are motivated to do their best for the client because top-notch customer service is the oil that keeps these finely tuned operations running as smoothly as shaving with a razor.

Not only do you leave the barbershop with a boost in swag, but also with a boost in mood because it’s also a community gathering spot, you can trust the barber.

Parents bring their kids, kids come with their friends, and everyone comes in contact with the barber. They’re like the gate-keepers or the guardians of the neighborhood.

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