Update: Rensselaer County storm aftermath

AVERILL PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Windy weather caused damage in parts of the Capital Region over night.

Throughout the morning, many crews were up early trying to clean up various locations around Rensselaer County.

A tree uprooted in Averill Park and neighbors woke up this morning to no power and a lot of debris.

It came fast and furious over night. Strong winds, and nasty rain.

“It was unbelievable actually going out and seeing it,” said Doug Dolbert, a Town of Nassau worker.

“We went out last night just to open up some roads. We’re going back today and cleaning some of them up. Some of them were real bad and they trees down,” Dolbert said.

These trees knocked down corresponding power lines and National Grid hopes to restore power by 11 p.m. on Saturday.

“Yeah it was pretty scary when it went through,” said Dawn Goodness, Averill Park resident.

Dawn Goodness was home with her husband when the bad weather hit. They spent the night without power.

“We went to bed real early and I woke up and decided I needed some coffee,” Goodness said.

Neil Urbeatis also lives near Goodness.

“It was pretty strong. The winds were really coming through, whipping through. We had some pretty strong rain. While all that was going on, all of a sudden the power goes out,” Urbeatis said.

Despite the destruction, Urbeatis said he was ready.

“I actually have a couple of generators, because I’ve been through this before, Urbeatis said.

Through the night and for a large portion of the morning many roads were blocked off. Several areas needed to be cleared of branches and wires.

Still, neighbors are keeping it all in perspective.

“You live in the country and this is what happens. It’s daytime and we’re not hurt and we’re okay,” said Goodness.

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