Marking seven years since the disappearance of Ashley Carroll

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — What happened to Ashley Carroll?

Saturday marks seven years since her disappearance. Ashley’s family gathered Saturday at a memorial for missing persons in Albany.

Albany Police say around the time the young Rensselaer County mother vanished, her friends told them Ashley left Albany headed for NYC.

The family says investigators have always doubted that story, believing Ashley likely met with foul play. Ashley’s cellphone last pinged in Albany, and never anywhere else.

Her family believes she may have been “eliminated” while playing a small role in a much larger drug operation.

News10 ABC spoke with Ashley’s Uncle Jim by phone, who reiterated that his niece would never have missed her daughter’s birthdays and all the holidays and events that have come and gone without a call or contact over the last seven years.

He says his family lost hope that she is alive. They just want closure with the knowledge of where they can find Ashley’s remains, so they can lay her to rest.

If you know anything about the case of Ashley Carroll you are asked to call Albany Police at 518-462-8039.


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