Box of abandoned chicks in Troy Walmart parking lot have a new home

PETERSBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A box of chicks dumped in a Troy parking lot now have a new home.

The little chicks that were abandoned in a Walmart parking lot have a new home but some animal advocates say brings up a bigger concern.

Michele Ingalls has always had a soft spot for strays and now she has four more peeping and pecking mouths to feed.

The chicks had been dumped in the Troy Walmart parking lot and discovered by a woman who knew Ingalls wouldn’t turn them away.

“It kind of saddens me that they would let, I don’t care what kind of life it is, a bird, cat, you don’t let any suffering and that bothered me,” Ingalls said.

Ingalls has 18 chicks of her own, each has a name, and is cherished.

This makes her wonder why these chicks weren’t.

“That’s why I’m thinking someone must’ve gotten them for Easter and that angers me.”

That’s an issue that Lynn Torello, with the Rensselaer County Humane Society, is familiar with.

“Unfortunately people don’t do their research my suggestion, don’t do it,” Torello said.

Instead, volunteer at a local humane society or animal sanctuary.

“You can bring your child to them so they can actually see what goes on and how it is to really take care of it.”

Ingalls knows, caring for animals, is a big responsibility. She’ll continue to take them in because growing up as an orphan she knows the feeling of abandonment.

“The biggest thing you give to anything in the world is love,” Ingalls said.

Ingalls is keeping the chicks away from her others for 30 days to make sure they’re healthy. If they are, she expects them to begin laying eggs in the fall.

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