Water main break repaired in Halfmoon

HALFMOON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Workers have all been on site since 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon when the first pipe burst.

Currently, all of the pipes have been repaired: Hayner Heights, Merry Hill Lane and the pipe that began the break at the corner of Route 236 and Guideboard Road.

All three pipes simultaneously broke yesterday afternoon, all within about a mile radius of each other.

The supervisor stated that crews were flushing out fire hydrants that were connected to aging pipes, which caused the breaks.

They had to go a few feet down the road here and dig up the valve. When they went to go turn the valve it snapped and broke because it was rusty and old.

Not only did that valve need to be repaired, but while conducting their dig, crews noticed the other two valves nearby were in rough shape as well. They are conducting proactive work and screwing in new bolts to the existing valves.

A worker explained that once they’re finished with the valve repairs, the pipes will need to be filled again.

Crews are still working around the clock in order to shut the water off to make repairs to the first break.

The process should take a few more hours as the holes are filled after digging. If all goes well, crews should be completed by 6:30 this morning, in an effort to clear out before the morning commute.

UPDATE: As of 5:40 a.m. all mains are fixed, water is restored, the boil water advisory has been lifted and holes will be filled from prior digging.

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