Twin sisters give birth to baby boys on same day at same hospital

BRICK, N.J. (ABC NEWS) – Twin sisters, who for their 32 years on this planet, did just about everything together.

Kim Abraham and Danielle Grant were born on the same day, and now as grown women, they’re giving birth the same day, in the same hospital, one room apart.

The odds of twins giving birth the same day is pretty staggeringly against it.

Abraham and Grant, by pure coincidence, made April 28, a most incredible day. Kim gave birth to Erin and Danielle welcomed Roman, just a room and an hour apart.

“We were Face Timing each other. She was there when my daughter was born,” Grant said.

“Everyone was in her room, and I’m texting. We’re in group messages and I’m looking at that,” Abraham said.

It’s been an uncanny few months for the sisters. Danielle has a 2-year-old daughter, but Erin is Kim’s first.

“I made her take one, and then it was positive,” Abraham said.

“So we were so excited for her, but I was so excited for myself, so it kind of stole away from that,” Grant said.

They broke the news to their mom by dressing little Regan in blue.

“Kim said, maybe you’ll get to see more blue because Regan’s going to be your big cousin. So I was all excited. Danielle said, and a big sister. Then it was, are you kidding me?” Debra Curci, grandmother, said.

So we get a childhood wish come true, unfolding with family and their medical teams.

“I’ve been a nurse for a very long time, and I’ve worked in many places, never have I ever seen this, so it’s very unique,” Joanne Simonett, nurse manager, said.

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