“Pat’s Forge” carries on blacksmith tradition

ALBANY COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The art of blacksmithing dates back hundreds of years and involves hours of hard work in some very hot conditions.

To learn more about the trade, just head over to the Normanskill Farm, inside “Pat’s Forge.”

The environment is hot because the basis of blacksmithing is the forge, in which “old-school” coal is used for heat.

The show “Forged in the Fire” documented heating up metal, banging it with a wooden or metal hammer, on top of an anvil and shaping forming some kind of object.

This is accomplished using the “Three H’s of Forging”: heating, holding and hitting.

Blacksmith, Jim Morran, a member of the Capital District Blacksmith’s Association works at “Pat’s Forge” and provides various classes and lessons for groups and families.

Anyone can come to “Pat’s Forge” to learn the art of blacksmithing. Visit their website: http://www.cdblacksmiths.org/location/1/pats-forge.html

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