Driving You Crazy: Speed Demons

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – What happens when NEWS10 ABC takes a speed gun out to a local neighborhood?

One driver was caught going almost double the speed limit in a neighborhood and families living there say it’s a problem they see daily.

Like most children, Adam Uzzo’s 6-year-old son doesn’t see a driveway, but a perfect half-court.

“My son likes to play out front.”

The driveway is where Uzzo draws the line. They live on Locust Park in Colonie where the speed limit is 25 MPH but it’s seldom followed.

“I’ve seen a couple well over 25 MPH.”

After setting up a radar gun, not far from the posted speed, several cars were driving at least 10 MPH over the limit.

“They have no regard for the speed limit at all. They just fly by and it’s getting a little out of hand.”

Uzzo says many drivers cut through, hoping to beat rush hour traffic on Central Avenue. Some drive through nearly going double the speed limit!

A truck was even going 40 MPH right past Uzzo’s house where his son is playing outside.

Police can’t always set up speed traps so the most effective enforcement is up to the driver.

“It drives me crazy! I don’t know what you can do about it. It is a thru-street. I know on the other streets they have the speed bumps and stuff like that, but what can you do?”

Driving a steady 25 MPH is hard to do but once you see the cars going 38, 40 MPH, that’s when families say enough is enough.

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