Minnesota woman finds 95 snakes inside newly purchased home

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (WCMH) — Angie Whitley bought her new home about six months ago, and about 45 minutes after closing on the house she found her first slithering visitor.

“Brought my first sort of box down to my bedroom and I found a snake,” Whitley tells WCCO. “One quickly turned into three, four, five. Today, it’s six months later. Now I’m about 95 snakes that I’ve found inside my house.” That doesn’t include the few hundred more she’s found outside.

Whitley said she’s been told that her home, which sits next to a marsh, has a garter snake den somewhere under her property.

Whitley told WCCO she’s spent more than $13,000 to try to rid her home of the snake problem, but the snakes keep coming back. “A lot of sleepless nights,” she said.

A pest control company has now donated their services to try to locate the snake den, but Whitley said until it’s fixed, she’s sleeping upstairs on the couch and keeping out of the basement.

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