First look inside the renovated Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – For years you may have strolled down the sidewalks along Broadway and wondered what’s going on with the historic Adelphi Hotel.

News10 ABC was able to get a first peek inside.

As you enter the hotel through this beautiful vestibule, you’ll enter and go through the side doors. They’ll be a beautiful seating area in the center and modern Victorian desks that will be where guests check in.

The finishing touches are being made on of one of the finest pieces of Saratoga history. The Adelphi hotel is in the last stages of being transformed from its regal Victorian roots to modern, chic and boutique.

“It’s that wonderful overlaying of the very antique and the very modern. Both architecturally in the design and in the services that the team is putting together. The goal is to make it a hotel that is timeless and is elegant and at the same time very forward thinking and very modern.”

Michel Ducamp is chief operating officer for the Adelphi Hospitality Group which also manages salt and char restaurant. He gave us an exclusive first look inside the new Adelphi.

“There will be a 165 seat ballroom with a front section that will always be open to the lobby where guests can sit down and have a cup of coffee or chat with anybody. Out of hotel guests can even come in and enjoy themselves.”

As you can see there’s still lots of details that need to be worked on before their July 1st opening.

NEWS10 ABC’s Noel McLaren was able to see a finished guest room, complete with every luxury any weary traveler could ever dream of, whether track season or the chilly off-season.

“Especially on a cold winter day the towel bars are warm so the towels are warm the whole floor is heated with a thermostat that you can turn up or down so you could have the floor very nice for your bare feet.”

The rooms are outfitted with Incom Technology that allows a guest to control practically everything from their bed by the touch of a button.

Also a heads up job seekers, the Adelphi is now hiring. Ducamp says management specifically wants to employ locals.

“We’re looking for people in all walks of life to bring us where we need to be to deliver this great service.”

A little piece of history, the hotel’s ribbon cutting on July 5th will happen on the 130th anniversary of the hotel’s original opening in 1877. Everything has come full circle.

If you’re interested in applying for a job here managers say visit the Salt and Char restaurant anytime.

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