Defense rests in Alex West trial after his father testifies

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The defense has rested in the Alex West trial on Wednesday.

West is the man accused of being impaired and causing a fatal boat crash on Lake George last year.

He claims he didn’t know anyone was injured when he left the scene, something that’s come into question, and one of the reasons his attorney called West’s father to testify.

On the stand, West’s father Martin says he did not tell Alex until later on about the severity of the crash, but the prosecution believes that they did tell West earlier.

“I thought he would have been a very good witness on his behalf. He has no criminal history. He feels incredibly bad about the accident and would have had a lot to say,” Cheryl Coleman, Attorney for Alex West, said.

So then why didn’t Alex West testify? His attorney Cheryl Coleman explains it would have opened up the door for blood test evidence that was originally suppressed to be used.”It boils down to opening the door to the toxicology results.”

“It boils down to opening the door to the toxicology results.”

Martin told the jury he did not see his son Alex until nearly 10 hours after the crash. He says West came home around 4 a.m. but that he didn’t know West had come home until he woke up at 7 a.m. and saw Alex in his bedroom.

After that, Martin says he and West went to the sheriff’s office.

Martin said he learned on the news at 10:30 p.m. that night about the crash and was concerned if Alex was involved. He says he tried to call Alex but did not reach him.

Martin West says the police came to his home and he talked to them around midnight, he says he asked police if Alex was involved but he says the police did not answer him.

Earlier Adam Pensel, who coached West in soccer took the stand, stated he saw West at the Huddle Restaurant the night of the crash. He says he called police and told them West did not seem intoxicated or impaired to him when he saw him briefly.

“There was no impairment and no criminal culpability with respect to the accident,” Coleman said.

The defense has rested and closing arguments will begin on Thursday. The jury could possibly start deliberating later on Thursday.

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