A leg to stand on: Local man doesn’t let amputation sever his spirit

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Jordan Chenot has every reason to be mad at the world but he’s not.

His trainer Darryl Partridge has something to do with that.

Chenot was rocking and rolling through life until he crashed his motorcycle last fall and hurt his leg.

Well, these days he stands out because of what he’s now standing on.

Despite his loss, he gains no sympathy from Darryl.

The motto here is “no legs, no excuses.”

Why no mercy for a guy with one leg?  It goes back to how they met.

“I was planning on getting my prosthetic between Christmas and New Years that week,” Chenot said. “My dad saw the Vent commercial and saw Darryl in the commercial.”

Partridge gets it because he already lost it. He lost the same leg but because of a different reason.

“About nine years ago, I broke a small bone in the ankle called the talus,” he explained.

The talus brought malice to his life and six years and six surgeries later, the pain was so bad he couldn’t stand, work or even play with his kids. Doctors told him – as crazy as it might sound – his only chance at a full life was to have half a leg.

“It was a tremendously hard decision to make, but my wife and I made it together, and she was behind me,” Partridge said. “On September 24, 2014, I walked in the hospital and came out a couple days later without a leg.”

They took the leg but could not amputate his spirit. So when he joined a gym he decided to hire a trainer.

“I wanted to be treated like anyone else and have them push the hell out of me,” Partridge said.

She did and he not only got in incredible shape, he decided to become a trainer himself.

“They’re like, we can’t say no, we can’t whine, we can’t say no, because he’s out there doing it,” Partridge said.

“Seeing someone else go through the same thing and come out on top and only rising, really helps you out,” Chenot said.

Partridge wanted to see others who lost something smile again like Chenot.

So Partridge started a webpage called Life Beyond 4 Limbs. The website offers links and answers questions.

It has videos of Partridge showing amputees they can do anything like skiing.

“The biggest thing is I wanted to run. I never really ran before,” Partridge said.

To do that, he’d need a special blade that he couldn’t afford and insurance wouldn’t pay for.

So the group’s amputee bladerunners gave him one for free.

“Twelve of us. Twelve amputees ran 200 miles in 33 hours,” Partridge said.

No road through life is without pain and challenges.  As Partridge reflects on his own, he finds he gained more than he ever lost.

“The loss of my leg gave me a tremendous gift. It gave me the gift, the awesome ability to show people it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter the challenges in life. You get out here with determination, hard work, you can do whatever you want.”

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