Driving You Crazy: Ticked off at tailgaters

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Ever look in your rearview mirror and see the car behind you nearly in your backseat? That object in the mirror really is closer than it appears!

NEWS10 ABC’s Rachel Yonkunas saw a lot of tailgaters on the roads, almost causing a few rear-end crashes because not only are drivers following too closely, they’re not paying attention.

“People that ride on your tail when you’re just trying to go the speed limit,” Monique Oravasky said.

Almost nothing is worse than a tailgater, their rush to wait at a red light or to run one, which NEWS10 ABC caught on our cameras.

“The speed is like 30 MPH and they’re going 50 MPH and they want to get through. So that bothers me a lot,” Bob Hillje said.

“They’ll swerve in and then they’ll swerve back out. I don’t like that. It’s very dangerous,” Pat Viscuso

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy says rushed drivers eventually become aggravated drivers.

His advice is to add an extra 10 to 15 minutes to your commute to make up for any traffic blunders.

“You’re going to get there safe and you’re going to have a better day because you are not going to be worked up when you walk in the door from being aggravated from drivers that are driving you crazy,” McCoy said.

You also never know who is in the back seat.

“Drive around people how you’d expect people to drive around you.  I usually have my kids in my car. I don’t think some people take into consideration who else is in another car,” Quron Simmons said.

Tailgating will get you four points on your license and a fine of $235 for the first offense!

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