Special Report: Driving You Crazy: Bad with Blinkers

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A big pet peeve for many on the road is drivers who don’t use turn signals.

Turn signals, directionals, blinkers! Whatever you call them, NEWS10 ABC found many drivers guilty of not using them.

Drivers who changed lanes or turned down side streets without giving other drivers a heads up.

Many of us can’t understand why. Turning in front of oncoming traffic is much easier with a signal.

Changing into our lane? We’re going to need a heads up.

It’s no wonder blanking on blinkers is a common pet peeve.

“You know they just cut you off and they don’t use their directionals,” Jen Cahill said. “What’s up with that? It’s just a little thing there. You just have to push the button and directional goes!”

Without a signal, you are the one who is likely to get hit.

As we’re driving down I-87 South past the Twin Bridges, another driver nearly clips us as it cuts into our lane without a signal.

Even drivers, who say they intermittently are guilty of blinker neglect, admit it also drives them crazy.

“My child would tell me I don’t do as much either, but when you don’t get the heads up on what they’re doing by them not signaling, that’s what drives me crazy,” Ruth Pino said.

Keep in mind the 100-foot rule.

According to AAA, drivers in New York must use a turn signal for at least 100 feet before making a turn or switching lanes.

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