Crossgates Mall shooting trial begins after full jury selected

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Both sides in the Crossgates Mall shooting trial are doing their best to sway the jury on Monday.

The trial moving quickly as the jury was seated at about 4 p.m. and opening statements just wrapped up.

The prosecution claiming the November shooting was the result of a long-standing rivalry between gangs from Albany and Troy. They also claim Maeweather upped the ante by allegedly firing off a gun twice when the two factions ran into one another near the Apple Store.

The ADA also admitted that the jury would not see any video of the actual shooting because there just isn’t any.

The defense told jurors his Tasheem Maeweather just happened to be in the mall on Saturday, November 12th along with thousands of other shoppers and when the shooting took place. That’s where the story ends.

“It’s an attempted murder case without a victim. It’s a weapons case without a gun. The reality is they tracked Tasheem with GPS days before and days after. You think that with all the police involved in this would have looked in all these places for a gun or some sort of lead in the investigation. But, the reality is, they just have nothing,” Lee Kindlon, Maeweather’s attorney, said.

Maeweather is facing several charges, including attempted murder because police say Maeweather had a specific target in mind during the shooting. That charge carries up to 25 years behind bars.

Police have said Maeweather was arrested days later with the help of a GPS ankle bracket he had to wear over a previous drug conviction.

He’s already serving nine years for an unrelated parole violation.

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