Exploring the new “Salt Den” therapeutic center

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A centuries-old health practice, reborn as a modern wellness technique has made its debut in the Capital Region.

The Salt Den in Latham is a therapeutic center offering massage therapy, red light therapy, and soon, an infrared sauna.

As the Salt Den’s name implies, salt, and a practice called “halotherapy”, remain at the core of its mission.

Halotherapy comes from “halo”, the Greek word for salt. This type of therapy uses salt vapor to treat respiratory problems, skin irritations, and combat mental fatigue. It is based on the theory that salt particles cleanse and open up the airways of the human respiratory system.

The salt room and the Salt Den contains 35 tons of Himalayan salt. Chunks of it are attached to the walls, decorative salt formations adorn from the ceiling, several inches of coarse, crushed salt crunch underfoot, and fine salt particles hang in the air.

The room measures 350 square feet, but nearly 50 feet of that is claimed by the salt stacked on the walls.

For more information visit: http://nysaltden.com/

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