Charleston woman facing with 31 counts of cruelty to animal charges

CHARLESTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A woman is facing 31 counts of cruelty to animal charges after police say she was not properly providing food and water to farm animals.

Neighbors say they’ve been frustrated watching innocent animals being kept in these cluttered messy conditions and they’re happy that something is finally being done about it.

Filthy, famished, and left without adequate care, that’s how police say Amy Person, 50, kept her farm animals on a rental property on Polin Road in Charleston.

Right now, they’re still out there with the property owner’s animals who are properly cared for.

Person’s horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, and pigs are just some of 31 animals the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office say were found covered in feces without proper food or water.

“They’re not eating well, they keep escaping and going into all the neighbor’s yards for grass and food,” Cheryl Derosa, a neighbor, said.

Derosa is just one of those neighbors living right across the street.

She said Person’s animals often escape to her front yard in search of food. Derosa says person’s pigs destroyed her property.

“They got into the horse food in my garage and they ate my pumpkins. I mean there was nothing left to the pumpkins.”

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says it learned about the concern from an anonymous caller. That’s when they conducted their investigation and charged Person with 31 counts of animal cruelty.

“I know a lot of people who’ve made complaints.”

NEWS10 ABC visited Person’s listed address but nobody came to the door.

Fortunately, none of the animals needed medical attention, but the Montgomery County SPCA has stepped in and is providing care pending person’s charges.

Neighbors say they’re fed up and say they’ve seen this before. Police confirmed Person was arrested on similar charges just last year at a different location.

“I think she’s already had many chances,” Derosa said. “I think they might be better off being placed with another person who’s going to be able to feed them and take care of them.”

Person is due back in court May 4.

The SPCA says they plan to remove the animals by the end of the week, but their future depends on what happens in court.


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