Dodgeballs fly at Siena College for the 7th annual Kearney Cup

LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Do you know the five D’s of dodgeball? Remember your middle school P.E. class? What were your best strategies in this competitive game of controlled assault?

Let’s start with the five D’s: dodge, duck, dip, dive and wait for it, dodge.

Strategies: Show up, throw hard and low.

Seems easy, right?

Well you don’t need to be the “legendary” Patches O’Houlihan, or have starred for Average Joe’s Gymnasium or the Globo Gym Purple Cobras to play a favorite childhood pastime today. (All made famous in the 2004 film, DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story.)

All were welcomed, as Siena College hosted the 7th annual Kearney Cup Dodgeball today, raising money for programs at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany.

The event is named after John Kearney, now a board member with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany. He has been attending since he was five years old.

“The place has been an oasis for a lot of kids I grew up with and it continues to be today,” said Kearney

The tournament features teams made up of businesses and other organizations from the region.

“Not only does it raise awareness. It allows us to promote our programming and reinvest in the children and the district,” said Tommy Breymeier, Event Coordinator.

For generations kids have been helped by these clubs.

“It’s really just about of adults coming out and being kids for the day,” said Justin Reuter, Executive Director, Boys and Girls of Albany.

Today, these dodgeball players are ensuring that tradition will continue, even if there is some added trash talk.

“I’m just saying watch this game very closely. It will all be proven on the court,” said David Soars, Albany County DA.

“He’s (Soars) brought in ringers, he’s tried all kinds of tricks but it just doesn’t work because this is our court,” said Michael Castellana, President of SEFCU.

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