Coca-Cola and McDonald’s eliminate Hi-C

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The iconic Hi-C “Orange Lavaburst” is on its way out of the fountain drink dispensers at your local McDonald’s.

Fans of the orange drink, which dates back decades, are disappointed by the decision from the legendary fast food chain.

With only a few hours remaining, Hi-C “Orange Lavaburst” will be pulled from the menu at the “Golden Arches” by May 1. However, McDonald’s has allowed their franchises to serve the drink until it runs out of stock.

It will be replaced by Sprite “TropicBerry,” as Coca-Cola (which has a pouring rights agreement with McDonald’s) has decided to encourage new drink selections for customers. Stores are also subject to this decision by the corporate beverage conglomerate.

From now until the summer, you can expect social media to be a buzz with the classic thirst quencher disappearing.

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