Salem mayor spots eerie ghost face in lamp post

SALEM, Mass. (CNN) – No, we’re nowhere near Halloween but a ghoulish, ghostly face is creating quite a stir.

It’s in a street lamp and it was also captured in a photo taken by the mayor.

“We don’t even have ordinary lamp posts here.”

There is a spooky light post in Salem.  If you look closely you might see a face inside the glass top.

Salem mayor Kim Driscoll says she spotted the creepy site Thursday on the corner of North and Federal Street.

“I must have looked at it four times and I thought no one is going to believe me I have to take a picture of this,” Mayor Driscoll said.

Could a ghost really be caught on camera or could our minds are playing tricks on us?

Some people comparing the so-called spirit to Voldemort from Harry Potter. This lamp post just adding to the haunted past of Salem.

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