McCue’s grandfather gives emotional testimony in Alex West trial

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A heart wrenching moment took place when Charlotte McCue’s grandfather took the stand Thursday afternoon.

Robert Knarr sobbed uncontrollably in court when asked to recall the July 25 evening when his 8-year-old granddaughter was killed. Knarr was driving his old fashioned wooden boat the night of the crash and stated that he never saw or heard Alex West’s boat before the crash.

According to police, West’s boat crashed into Knarr’s boat on Lake George. West claims he also never saw Knarr’s boat.

Describing his daughter Courtney McCue’s injuries (Charlotte’s mother), Knarr told the jury, “A lot of blood. She was cut to hell.”

Knarr continued sobbing as he described the intense screaming on the boat by his other grandchildren.

Knarr stated he had one or two glasses of wine at dinner earlier that night and was on heart medication after having open heart surgery on June 7. He said he initially refused a chemical test at the hospital because he was more concerned about other things.

But in his testimony he told police, “They couldn’t find the people who ran over my boat and killed my granddaughter. I said ‘find them.’”

Alex West’s attorney, Cheryl Coleman, pointed out in her cross-examination that Knarr admitted he lied to police when he told them he had talked to a lawyer and was advised he didn’t need to take a chemical test. Knarr proceeded by telling Coleman that he never actually spoke to a lawyer but complied with police and eventually agreed and took a chemical test.

The jury also saw interrogation video of West where he said he did not see the boat. He said he left for fear his own boat would sink. Coleman said West was not treated the same as Knarr during the investigation.

“This investigation was botched, and this investigation was one sided and incomplete,” she said.

Court will resume Friday morning.

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