Union College investigating vulgar ‘bucket list’

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A shocking and vulgar bucket list is making its way around Union College.

According to the school, the list, which is being called highly offensive, originated with one of the women’s athletic teams. Some students said it’s a hazing ritual while others said they can’t imagine it happening at Union.

The list included acts such as throwing up on someone, eating a whole weed brownie and smoking a blunt with a  teacher.

It’s being called a “profane scavenger hunt” by the student newspaper The Concordy. The paper broke the story on Tuesday and stated there are dozens of items on a Google document that is circulating campus.

“That’s absolutely crazy,” sophomore Jessica Roberts said. “I honestly can’t see any of the sports teams here doing this.”

Roberts was surprised to learn of the list, but most other students said they’d seen it. Many did not want to go on camera.

One male student said he’d seen the list, and he doesn’t think anyone was actually completing the activities. Two female athletes said they’d also seen the list. Off camera, they said they wanted nothing to do with it. They also said it was embarrassing that the school as associated with the list.

Another student told NEWS10 ABC she believes the list is hazing, but Roberts thinks it’s just a lapse in judgment.

“We have this big anti-hazing policy with all the sororities and everything,” she said. “The sororities were really good.”

The Concordy cites students trying to complete the list will garner points depending on how outlandish the dare is. The document sparked an investigation.

The school and athletics department released a joint statement on Wednesday:

 We were disappointed to learn that a document outlining a “bucket list” of activities to be engaged in for sport has been shared among members of the campus community. Many of the items on the list, which allegedly originated with one of the women’s athletic teams, are described in a manner that is vulgar and offensive.

Union is committed to maintaining an environment free of harassment of all kinds, and an investigation is underway in accordance with college protocol and upon completion, the administration will promptly pursue appropriate action.

We will continue to provide educational and training programs for our students and staff in an effort to ensure that Union is an inclusive community free from harassment and intimidation, characterized by mutual respect and concern for the well-being of others.

Roberts agrees that a deeper look into the list is necessary.

“I think it’s definitely worth an investigation because this shouldn’t be happening,” she said.

The school paper said administration was notified of the list after three student athletes complained.


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