Maria Comella announced as Gov. Cuomo’s new chief of staff

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The governor announced he now has a new chief of staff Maria Comella on Tuesday.

Comella was hired in New York in December as an outside consultant that played a role in shaping the governor’s agenda for 2017.

A simple web search will tell you Comella is no stranger to the political-ring. Her LinkedIn profile shows an extensive resume within senior level government. Her latest role was Deputy Chief of Staff for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

She also served as his chief messaging officer during his presidential campaign.

Before that, she worked on re-election campaigns for George W. Bush, New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, and Senator John McCain.

Comella also served as a corporate strategist for ford motor company.

In a statement, Comella said the chance to work for a governor she respects and create an agenda for the middle-class matters more than partisan politics.

Barbara Bartoletti, who has covered Albany politics for some four decades, says she’d be shocked if this is not a political to get the governor ready for a potential 2020 run.

“Everybody assumes that he is by way of his recent policies and by way of gossip of course around the capitol,” Bartoletti said.

Despite the governor’s repeated statements, he’s focused on being governor. Even though the rumors are flying, even if untrue, Bartoletti’s experience says you notice political patterns over time and this pattern raises eyebrows.

“It’s certainly interesting that she comes from the background of all Republican presidential candidates. This may be trying to shore up for a possible run in states like Iowa, Kansas, some of those redder states. He may be looking for her to have some expertise along those lines.”

What is also true in Albany Bartoletti says, only time will tell, what Comella’s role actually becomes.

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