Former UAlbany students found guilty on filing a false report, not guilty on other charges in CDTA bus assault case

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A verdict has been reached in the CTDA bus assault trial.

Both Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell were found not guilty of top charges of third-degree assault. They were found guilty of filing a false report.

The jury asked to get another look at the video of the fight inside the bus on Wednesday. They also requested the definition of assault in the third-degree.

It’s a case that made national headlines.

Three UAlbany students say they were attacked on a late night bus ride home from the Albany bar scene.

A Tweet by Asha Burwell ignited an explosion of outrage. So huge, the then Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton also joined the growing chorus demanding justice.

Through tears, the young women speak to a crowd of supporters during a campus rally days later.

The video from inside the CDTA bus the night of the fight was released.

The prosecution said it proved the women themselves were the aggressors.

It was enough for one of the students Alexis Briggs to accept a plea deal, which also included an apology.

Asha and Ariel decided to take their case to trial.

The defense stuck by their claims that it was a racially motivated attack. Claims the bus passengers subjected the women to racial slurs including Ratchet Bitches, Ratchet another word for ghetto.

They also claim a group of men tore our Ariel’s hair extensions and gave Asha a concussion.

The prosecution  agreed there were elements of racism in all this but says “We are here because they engaged in a campaign of deceit.”

Jurors were shown video where Ariel crosses the aisle to confront a drunken female passenger. Asha stepping on a seat to reach another passenger.

Then Ariel punching a male passenger who the prosecution says was trying to break things up.

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