Witness in fatal Lake George boating crash trial: Alex West asked about doing cocaine on his boat

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Testimony in the fatal boating crash on Lake George continued on Tuesday.

A number of witnesses testified who said they were on Alex West’s boat at Log Bay Day. One said she did drugs with West, and others said they saw him drinking a beer.

But confusion remains if West had one or two alcoholic drinks known as Moscow Mules not long before the crash.

Jennifer Spahn said she was on a boat during Log Bay Day that was next to West’s boat. She said she saw West with a drink in his hand, but she did not notice any signs that he was intoxicated.

Another witness, Christina Parrotta, said her boat was hooked to West’s boat during Log Bay Day. She said she was on West’s boat, and West showed her the below deck cabin. He allegedly asked her about doing cocaine. Parrotta said she did one line of cocaine that West gave her but, but she said she did not know if West did any.

Marine Patrol Sgt. Angelo Paccione said he responded to a boathouse after the crash and asked the driver of the boat, Charlotte McCue’s grandfather Bob Knarr, what happened.  The sergeant said Knar told him “the boat went over top of us ” and that “it just kept going.”

Paccione says he saw a blanket covering Charlotte in the wooden boat. An EMT arrived and Paccione said he was calling it – the 8-year old was pronounced dead.

During cross examination of Paccione, the defense pointed out that the accident reconstruction report did not conduct some of the same examination tasks it conducted for West’s boat.

“Their report is completely one sided, and I think that’s a huge issue for the jury to evaluate that they walked into that reconstruction with their minds already set,” West’s co-attorney Katie Conklin said.

McCue’s mother was in the courtroom Tuesday watching the trial. It’s scheduled to begin again Wednesday morning.

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