Railway company, police promoting railway crossing safety

Credit: MGN Online

WATERVLIET, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Canadian Pacific Railway operates from the East Coast all the way across the country with over 12,000 miles of track.

On Tuesday, it participated with local and state law enforcement to bring awareness to drivers who cross over the tracks.

“The name of the game here with these exercises is very much about the prevention of tragic consequences,” Andy Cummings, a Canadian Pacific spokesperson, said.

Every three hours, a train impacts a vehicle or a person on the tracks one of the biggest concerns today is when people trespass on the tracks.

“500 people died in trespass incidents in the United States last year.”

New York State Police, Saratoga and Albany County deputies stationed themselves along the tracks ready to pull over drivers who were ignoring the grade crossing warnings. On the train, police observers were ready to call ahead if they saw trespassers or automobiles driving around the lowering gates.

“Basically it’s about awareness and reminding the public what they should do when approaching a railroad grade crossing,” Evan Eisenhandler, Executive Director of Operation Lifesaver, said.

The train’s engineer says when crossing the Mohawk in the summer, there is no place for the kids to go when they’re fishing from the bridge. He also said he has seen many jumping off the bridge into the river below.

No one was from the bridge on Tuesday and the drivers at the grade crossings followed the lights and the blowing horn from the train. The message is to follow the signals and not to trespass along railroad tracks.

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